1 – 3 September


$15,000 Cash Prize Pool


Mens and Womens divisions

Registration through EIM Solutions CLICK HERE and for all registration details CLICK HERE

* World Snowboard Tour rankings decide final registration confirmation


Sunday 31st AUG                Registration 4pm – 6pm

Monday 1st SEPT                Snowboard Jam Session

Tuesday 2nd SEPT               Snowboard Jam Session Finals

Wednsday 3rd SEPT           Weather day – 28 Stairs Rail Jam


Stylewars is running a 2-day event with a 3rd day as a weather window. Day-1 will be all riders jam format with 2 chosen judged runs. Top 15 make it through to finals. 2 hour jam finals where Style and trick range will be heavily weighted over gymnastic ability. Each riders gets 4 judged runs, which can be used on demand through the 2-hour session.


At any stage through the 2 competition days a Carlton Dry 30 Big Air jam can be called and the chopper called in for footage. This 30 min jam is winner takes all and comes down to best trick. If it happens on Day 1 then all riders are involved. If it happens on Day 2 then it is finals competitors only.


28 Stairs will close Stylewars at The Frying Pan from 7 – 9 pm. 9pm till close will be the closing party at The Frying Pan Inn.


Monday night will see a big name act play for Stylewars at The Man. Check www.stylewars.com.au for details.



Check this site for updates and info as well as the Stylewars Facebook page 

From the mind of Marcus Kleveland ...

Marcus Kleveland pushed snowboarding to another level a few weeks ago with the first 1080 off a bump. Here's his latest... butter to wildcat. We love what this kid is all about. Video: Martin Kvatningen

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Progression never stops. ...

Alek Oestreng with a ridiculous euro carve to corked 540 while filming for #RK1. Film: Ståle Sandbech

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The latest from the Shredbots ...

The Shredbots are on a worldwide rampage, and this time they've got Saas-Fee, Switzerland in their sights. No resort is safe. Full video: bit.ly/EuroBots

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Sven Thorgren throwing down in Sweden ...

followed by @torlundstrom at @klappenski

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Another great clip from HOLD IT DOWN. ...

The #HOLDITDOWN crew has been on fire this season, throwing down hammer after hammer with reckless abandon. This time, Devan Peeters, Scotty Twible and Rocco Rachiele absolutely tear #BIGBEAR apart. Don't miss this. Follow them on Instagram: @holditdownkrew

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